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Larry Riker

Larry Riker

Web Design and Development, fellow YouTuber

Larry started FaceFirstMedia.com after building up his YouTube Channel about guitars and gear. He noticed they were frequently updating their policies and changing the rules. Some rules for the better and some with major impacts. First they changed the monetization rules by requiring a channel to have 10,000 views to be monetized. They have since updated that policy and now a channel needs 1,000 subscribers to be monetized and a certain number of watch hours in the year. Then they made a big change and overnight You Tubers saw huge decreases in their viewership. Viewers now not only had to subscribe now but they also have to click the notification bell indicating that they wanted to be notified that a new video was released.


Larry realized he needed to do something and that is how FaceFirstMedia was started. He used his experience in Information Technology to build a website were he could collect subscriber information which allowed him to email his subscribers whenever he wanted. GearUpGuitar.com was built for this purpose. Larry also added a blog to the website which allows him to write articles about guitars and also link to the corresponding YouTube Videos. This helps with search engine optimization by providing new content and keywords to the search engines.


Having the ability to contact your subscribers is very powerful. If you decide to start a new channel or start up on a new platform you will have the ability to email your subscribers directly and ask them to follow you on over to your new Facebook page or Instagram, YouTube Channel, etc.. If you have a large channel you can email your viewers about brands and products you are working with further strengthening your relationship with brands.  




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